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Support Work

Support Work

Harbex is committed to supporting people to live as independently as possible, whilst recognising each person as an individual who will require support at different levels, often throughout their life.

A Support Worker is a care worker who enables people, generally, adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, sensory impairments or mental health problems, to maximise their own abilities and independence.

At Harbex we provide qualified Support Workers to a variety of settings. Our support workers work with adults with learning difficulties in their own environment. Our staff have worked in places such as:

Supported living, where the person is living in their own home, and want support with daily activities (see Care at Home)

Sit in service – where our staff support the person while their main carer has time to themselves on their own, be that for appointments or for a well-earned break. (see Care at Home)

We provide Support Workers to existing organisations as agency staff throughout the Greater Manchester areas.

Out in the Community – Our staff have supported and encouraged service users to access their local community and to become a valued member of their local community. Service Users have either accessed services such as leisure centres, libraries, colleges and also working environments both paid and voluntary.

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