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Outstanding Care and Support Services

Care and Support Services

Harbex is a private company based in Urmston Manchester, and are a proactive provider of Homecare, Support Work and Nursing Care Services. We supply both the private and public health sectors within Trafford, Stockport and Manchester.

Support Work

Support Work

Harbex is committed to supporting people to live as independently as possible, whilst recognising each person as an individual who will require support at different levels.

Care at Home

Care at Home

At Harbex we understand that people want to stay in their own family home for a long as possible. This is why we offer a wide range of services that are flexible and reliable.

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People and their relatives gave us several examples of how staff provided support with kindness and compassion and that the quality of care was “excellent”.

CQC Report

The carers have empathy. It’s more than just a job. They really care

CQC Report

I have quite a good relationship with them (staff) all – more like a friend

CQC Report

Very much so (staff are kind and compassionate). They’re all very pleasant and helpful; they don’t seem like carers any more – they’re like friends.

CQC Report

(Staff) do ask if you need the doctor etc., or they’ll phone my relative and let them know I’m not well.

CQC Report

I was having problems with (specific symptoms) and one of the carers said they weren’t happy about it and to keep and eye on it. Shortly afterwards, they said, please ring your GP and make an appointment. I did and it was a (serious condition) and I was straight to hospital. Yes, I think they saved my life, really.

CQC Report

I’m very, very pleased with the carers and I’ve got used to the staff coming in, No complaints at all about the care.

CQC Report

To all the staff at Harbex. Thank you for your help with my mum over the last few years. You made her quality of life better.

Service User

Dear Friends, many thanks for all your help and kindness after my surgery earlier this year. All the carers were very kind and also thanks to the helpful office staff.

Service User

To all the staff and carers at Harbex. We would like to thank you all for the care and attention given to my mother over the past months. We knew she very much appreciated it and it made the last few difficult months easier to bear.

Service User

Staff said they got on well with the management team and felt valued by the organisation.

CQC Report

I Really enjoy my job and tell service users and colleagues to turn their frown upside down.

Care Worker

To all the team at Harbex. Thank you for all you did for me and giving me the opportunity to with you all again. I have enjoyed every minute of it all!



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Harbex Nursing and Care is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and as a member of the Care Quality Commission, we are regulated to ensure all of our services are compliant with today’s standards.

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